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AJ Wall Lamp

Design by Arne Jacobsen

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  • We offer you a 10-year-guarantee on your beautiful designer lamp.

  • Our replica of the AJ Wall Lamp looks exactly like the original piece. You will not be able to see a difference.

  • Customize your lamp to match it with your interior style. Choose in between a variety of different colours.

  • Valda’s first priority is the high quality of your Wall Lamp. It is tested and approved up during the whole manufacturing process.

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The AJ Wall lamp was created over 50 years ago for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1960. Looking at the stunning design it is difficult to believe that it was created half a century ago. The Wall Lamp looks just as modern and pure as it did at the time of its development. The asymmetrical shape elates people of all generations.

The Wall Lamp will be your favourite reading lamp. It is not only beautiful but also has a wonderful illumination. It is glare-free and thanks to its tilting function you will be able to direct the light exactly where it needs to be. The Lamp is a wonderful and elegant addition to your bedroom. It is easy to install and impresses with its memorable unsymmetrical shape.The frame is simplistic yet sophisticated. Appealing with its understated elegance it has a calming effect and still looks striking in every room. Thanks to its timeless design the AJ Wall Lamp will never go out of style. Its cool Scandinavian design radiates taste and a sense for functionality.

The Story behind the design of the AJ Wall Lamp

Jacobsen was approached in 1956 to design the interior of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The AJ Wall Lamp was created as a reading light for the rooms of the hotel. The work of the Danish designer also included every single detail in inside the building like fabrics, cutlery, chairs and every single source of lighting. The work he did was amazing and the source of several iconic designs that are still popular today. The AJ Wall Lamp appeals through its simplistic and pure shape that allows for the direct illumination of space.

The Wall Lamp the designer envisioned for the SAS Hotel had be just as practical for the people living in the rooms as it had to be memorable and unique. And the AJ Wall Lamp met his high standards. It works perfectly for reading. The light can be directed the way you wish. The AJ Wall Lamp is striking on account of its exceptionally asymmetrical and swiveling screen. The switch is located on the wall box. The lighting can be directed easily. The inside of the lamp shade is white which produces a soft comfortable light. Wherever you will put your lamp it will look striking.

Materials of the AJ Wall Lamp

The Materials that are used for our AJ Wall Lamp replica are of high quality and are identical to the original lamp. The frame is made of aluminium. You can choose the colour of your lamp from a variety of different shades that we are offering. The Lamp is attached to the wall by a sleek, circular wall block and completed with cable.

The designer himself was not a big fan of flashy colours. The colours we offer stay true to that and are demure yet elegant. You may choose in between a classic black or white or go with our beautiful light green or turquoise shades. Our bestselling lamp is the AJ Wall Lamp in black. Our customers just love that designer classic.

The dimensions are identical to those of the original lamp AJ designed for the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen and were some of them can still be found. The lamp is 26 cm in width, 20 cm in height and 13 cm in depth. To organise delivery and instruct your courier you may need the packaging dimensions of your lamp. They are 30.5 x 23 x 17 cm.

How to maintain your AJ Wall Lamp

Once you receive your AJ Wall Lamp you will have 10-year-guarantee with it. If taken good care of the lamp will last even longer and you will enjoy its stunning design for many years to come.

Dust your lamp once a week with a microfiber cloth. Make sure to dry it off thoroughly if you use water. Persistent stains can be removed with a toothbrush to prevent scratching your lamp shade. If your lamp shows blemishes you may touch them up with automobile paint. Before applying it onto your lamp make absolutely sure that the colour is properly matched to your lamp. Automobile colour is very resistant and will protect the aluminium. We advise you not to use alcohol based cleaning products. Please follow the instructions of the product you are using very closely and only use high quality cleaning detergents.

Product details

  • Designers : Arne Jacobsen
  • Family : Wall Lamps


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