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Eames Rocking Chair RAR

Design by Charles Eames

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  • Our Eames Rocking Chair replicas look exactly like the original. You will not be able to see a difference.

  • The Quality of your chair is Valda’s first priority and is checked throughout the whole manufacturing process.

  • We offer you an iconic designer piece for the fracture of its original price - affordable for all just like the designer intended.

  • Choose the colour and material of your Rocking Chair and match it with your interior decor.

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The Eames Rocking Chair has been loved by adults and children ever since it was designed in 1948. Made of molded plastic it mimics the shape of a human body and is a super comfortable chair. The Rocking Chair fits a variety of styles. It works as classical, modern or retro addition to your interiors. The Chair even lends itself as a chair for your working space or an extraordinarily comfortable addition to your living room.

Even though the Eames Rocking Chair still looks fresh, young and modern this beautiful piece of innovative furniture is more than half a decade old. The Rocking Chair celebrated its comeback in the 1990s after it vanished from the spotlight in the decades before. Ever since then it has become one of the most famous pieces of designer furniture and can be found in many homes across the globe.

Even though it was initially designed as a nursery chair it very soon became a popular living room chair. It was received very well and pretty soon became part of mainstream indoor furniture. The Rocker was a contribution to the “Low Cost Furniture Design” competition of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Its lightweight frame, minimalistic design and originally low price made the Eames Rocking Chair an instant success just like many other Eames creations. They were the first chairs ever to be mass produced.

The Philosophy behind the design of the Eames Rocking Chair

The Eames duo worked without resting. Their creative work is versatile. Whatever the married couple put their interest in was planned with perfectionism and into every detail. Their Eames Rocking Chair RAR is durable and functional. The functionality of the designs was more important than its aesthetics. Nevertheless their designs are stunning and timeless. It is hard to believe that the iconic design of the Eames Rocker originated in 1948. The modernity of the chair is still obvious even though the chair is almost 70 years old.

Eames RAR Rocker stands for Rocking chair, Armchair with a Rod base. The chair offers casual convenience. With its creation the designer couple dissolved the prevalent understanding of interior design as representation. Rather than showing off they wanted to create functional furniture. Having a replica of the Eames Rocking Chair in your home will not only add a true designer piece to your interiors but also a chair you will love to sit in. Compared to other enormous rockers the Eames version is refreshingly minimalistic and is not piling it on.

The Material of the Eames Rocking Chair

The material of the Eames Rocker can be customized. We offer the chair in Plastic or Fibreglass. The original design of the Eames was Fibreglass and only later the chair was also produced in plastic. Chairs made of a fibreglass shells have a glossy appearance. The Plastic chairs are matt. The chair comes in a variety of colours. We have bright eccentric colours in a glossy tone when you are opting for an ostentatious eye-catcher.

The base of the Rocking Chair is made of oak and veneer. Due to its memorable shape it is called an Eiffel Tower base. The married designer couple’s mission during the 40s was to design furniture for post-war America that was affordable for everybody and simple to produce in high numbers.

How to maintain your Eames Rocking Chair

We offer you a 10-year-guarantee on your Eames Rocking Chair. Our high quality replica will last even longer when you take good care of it. Dust your chair once a week. If dusting wet use a woolen cloth and dry your chair carefully afterwards. Please avoid chemicals to clean the product. Only use cleaning products that are appropriate for the material of the chair and are of high quality. We advise you to lift up the chair when moving it around instead of dragging it over the floor. This way you prevent it from breaking and becoming unstable. In order to preserve the bright colour of your chair keep it away from too much direct sunlight.

The dimensions of the Eames Rocking Chair

The chair’s dimensions are identical to the original measurements. It is 62 cm in width, 68 cm in height and 70 cm in depth. The seating height is 40 cm. To arrange delivery you may need the packaging dimensions of the chair. They are 65.5 x 72.5 x 73.5 cm.

Product details

  • Designers : Charles Eames
  • Family : Rocking Chairs


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