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The Swan chair

Design by Arne Jacobsen

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  • You will not see a difference in between your Swan Chair replica and the original.

  • We offer you a 10-year-guarantee on your designer chair.

  • The beautiful design of the Swan chair can be customized by you.

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No straight lines, organically shaped, pleasant to look at and inviting to sit in - upon it’s creation the Swan Chair started a revolution. It’s design was innovative and modern - a reputation that has not suffered till today. It imitated the shape of a swan thus the name Swan Chair or simply The Swan.

The Story behind the Swan Chair

Challenging the norms of design on his time Jacobsen’s Swan Chair was a novelty at the time of its development. It’s organic shapes had not been seen before. The complete lack of straight lines was something completely new. He started a small revolution with his chair. It does not come as a surprise that the Swan Chair is still one of the most popular furnitures on the globe and made its designer famous. For many people the Swan Chair is an essential part of modern interiors and a highly desired must-have.

The Story behind the design of the Swan Chair

The Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen created the chair in 1958 for the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen - the first designer hotel in history. The chairs were placed in the Lobby and the restaurant of the hotel. The designer envisioned the whole interior of the hotel as part of the masterplan to unify structures and interiors.

His work space at the time was a small garage in his hometown Klampenborg which was only a couple miles away from Copenhagen. It was there that he draw his first outline of one of the most iconic chairs ever thought of. He also later said that he ruined three cars and six suits in the process.

In 1980s the Copenhagen hotel was remodeled. There is only one room left today that still has the interior that Jacobsen designed including the now famous Swan Chair in blue.

The designer’s philosophy behind the Swan Chair

Being a very passionate botanist the natural shaping of the Swan Chair was part of the philosophy and socialization of the danish designer. Looking at the chair in profile you can easily see the wings of a swan on the water that is ready to fly.

Today the Swan Chair is a permanent exhibit in design museums around the world including the famous Museum of Modern Art in New York. Nevertheless the intention behind the chair was to create a piece of furniture that was beautiful and functional at the same time. It was created to be usable in everyday life of as many people as possible.

Challenging the norms of design during the 50s Jacobsen’s Swan Chair was a novelty. It’s organic shapes had not been seen before. The Swan Chair was innovative as well as it was liked by the people.

How to style your Swan Chair

The Swan Chair is a very versatile piece of furniture. It will fit into your dining area as well as into your living room. It offers an elegant yet comfortable place to relax, read the paper or have a chat.

A self-standing Swan Chair can change a room’s atmosphere but a group of two or three Swan Chairs makes the furniture really come to life.

The Swan chair can be the perfect addition to a sofa or couch. Keep it simple in white leather and add some purity to your interiors. Or add a splash of colour with an orange cashmere chair.

How the Swan Chair is made

Because of its unique shape the manufacturing process of the chair is challenging. The shell of the chair has to be sewed by hand after the chair has been upholstered. Our manufacturers are handpicked and have years of experience in producing designer furniture.They have improved their production constantly. The Swan Chair will look exactly the same as the original. During production we will also conduct several in depth quality tests to ensure that the chair you will receive it at its best quality.

The material of your Swan Chair

Our Swan Chair replica is completely identical to the original. The foot is made of brushed aluminium and chrome steel. The upholstery is filled with silk smooth foam. You can order your chair either in cashmere or leather. We offer you to choose in between semi-aniline leather or premium leather. Our materials are of high quality. We use leather from Italy and our cashmere is danish.

We also offer you a variety of colours. You can customize your Swan Chair to match it perfectly with your home. Our customers for example love the Swan Chair in Wool Dark Grey cashmere. It is our most sold Swan Chair. If your prefer a more elegant look aniline leather will be your best choice.

You can also order a chair with or without piping. The piping is like a circle leather pipe around the edge of the chair to make its look more special. Since it takes much more effort to produce the chair with piping you may choose if you want this extra.

Because all of our materials are meeting our high quality standards we offer a 10-year-guarantee on your new Swan Chair. You can extend its lifespan even further by following some easy steps of caretaking.

Vacuum your piece of furniture regularly to preserve its original colour. If you choose a leather chair make sure to use a soft brush for cleaning. This will prevent scratches on your chair. Once or twice a year we advise you to use some high-end fabric cleaner. Please follow its instructions closely.

When you want to move your furniture around do not drag or push it over the floor. Lifting it off the floor will prevent damage to its fixings and stability.

The dimensions of your Swan Chair are:

Width: 75 cm Height : 83,5 cm Depth : 63,5 cm

The seating height is 40 cm. The seating depth is 47 cm.

The packaging dimensions of the Swan Chair are 78 x 70 x 61 cm.

We supply the chair to your partly assembled because it will make delivery cheaper and easier for you. You will only have to attach the base to the chair once you received it. Fixtures will be included.

Product details

  • Designers : Arne Jacobsen
  • Family : Arm Chairs


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