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Grasshopper Floor Lamp

Design by Greta Grossman

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  • We offer you the replica of the stunning Grasshopper Floor Lamp for the fraction of its original price.

  • Quality is Valda’s highest priority and you will see it.

  • We offer you the possibility to customize your Grasshopper Lamp to match it with your interior decor.

  • Your Grasshopper Lamp replica comes with a 10-year-guarantee.

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The Swedish born Greta Magnusson Grossman was a celebrated designer in the 40s and 50s in California bringing the modern style to life. Her Grasshopper Floor Lamp’s simplicity and elegance appealed to many celebreties at the time and was soon considered a true design icon. It was rediscovered by the end of the 1990s and has maintained its modern, beautiful and strong vibrancy.

The design of the Grasshopper Floor Lamp

The unique sense of form resembles a common californian insect - the eponymous grasshopper. The lamp is sophisticated yet playful and appeals even today with its organically modern look. When creating the Grasshopper Lamp its designer was searching for a satisfactory answer to the challenges of the present living conditions. It was the perfect fusion of usefulness and beauty that met the needs of the post-war American Jetset lifestyle. Her unique vision of a modern lightening made her a pioneer of the Industrial Design movement. Her Grasshopper Floor Lamp is the flawless combination of the European Modern Movement and the designer’s bold understanding of new forms and materials.

Our replica of the iconic Grasshopper Floor Lamp is identical to the original design by the Swedish-American designer. You will honestly not see the difference.

The story behind the design of the Grasshopper Floor Lamp

The Grasshopper Lamp was first brought on the market in 1947. Its delicate and organic shape appeared as timelessly modern at the time as it does today. The Lamp was an instant hit. The designer’s studio in Rodeo Drive became a creative center in California at the time which was frequented by celebrities and influential people who admired Grossman’s design and architectural abilities. With the death of her husband the designer withdrew from the spotlight in the late 60s and so did the famous Grasshopper Lamp. Only 30 years later was it rediscovered by a New York based gallerist who instantly fell in love with the Grasshopper Lamp and brought it back to the collective minds of design enthusiasts.

The Grasshopper Lamp is a perfect addition to lounges or living rooms. Its directional lighting makes it your go-to reading lamp. The tripod stand does not only add to its memorable form but also makes it a steady lamp. Wherever you decide to put your Grasshopper and no matter if the light is turned on or not this design icon keeps your room alive and takes its place. It will add simplicity to your interiors but also scores with its strong personality.

The philosophy behind the Grasshopper Floor Lamp

Greta M. Grossman was one of the few women who made herself a name in the craft of furniture design which was largely dominated by men. Her influences came from the European Modernism movement and icons like the Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. With her beautiful work she in turn had a great influence on the mid-century Californian Modernism to which defining aesthetics she contributed largely through her work. Grossmann’s designs are unique, modern classics that are loved around the world. Her Grasshopper Floor Lamp is on of her most famous works and a design icon.

The Material of the Grasshopper Floor Lamp

Our replica of the Grasshopper is identical to the original design. We only use high quality materials - just as the designer did. The unique frame of the lamp is hand-made of carbon steel. It has an off-switch on the cable. The lampshade has been tilted back slightly for a better functionality and minimal glaring. The materials used for the lamp were an unusual choice in the 1940s. This contributed to its futuristic appeal and is one of the reason it is still as popular today as it was at the time of its creation.

We offer the lamp in a variety of colours to you. You may choose in between a classic white or black and a playful orange. We also offer the lamp in classic grey shades. Our bestselling Grasshopper Floor Lamp is in Grey Blue. Our customers just love this calming combination that fits a variety of different styles.

How to take care of your Grasshopper Floor Lamp

The quality of your lamp is Valda’s highest priority. That is why we are confident to offer you a 10-year-guarantee with your Grasshopper Floor Lamp. When taken good care off your lamp will easily exceed this lifespan. Here are couple helpful tips on how to maintain your beautiful designer lamp.

We recommend to wash the surface of your lamp regularly with warm water and heavy liquid detergent. For persistent stains use a toothbrush to prevent scratches and stains on your lamp shade. Blemishes can be touched up easily with automobile paint. Make sure to colour match your lamp to the product properly. We advise to polish your lamp once or twice a year with a high quality metal polish. Study the instructions of your chosen product carefully and use only as advised.

The dimensions of the Grasshopper Floor Lamp

Our Grasshopper has exactly the same dimensions of the original. It is 47 cm in width, 134 cm high and 33 cm deep.

In order to instruct a courier for the delivery of your lamp you may need the packaging dimension of the lamp. They are 44 x 47 x 134 cm.

Product details

  • Designers : Greta Grossman
  • Family : Floor Lamps


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