Our Strategy

Our goal is to build and invest in some of the world’s most successful eCommerce companies. Our collective energy and creativity will be channelled toward achieving this extraordinary goal at all times. The four core areas that need to work together for us are: Technology, Operations, People and Processes.


We live for technology

Technology motivates each and every part of our business. Whether it’s the products themselves or our web development, everything must be informed by our in-house development team and shared proprietary technology platforms. Our business is creating innovation through technology. It is the endpoint of our work, the core of our global strategy and what allows us to quickly respond to development needs.

we love our people

A group of over 50 diverse, smart thinkers – our people are unquestionably our strength. Wherever in the world they are, whatever their role, we encourage them to share the smart thinking, and give them the support to see their ideas made real. Our innovative culture is a powerful factor in attracting and retaining both talent and customers.

We run operations

We have spent years developing a strong framework for internet businesses. Controlling manufacture, marketing and supply chain allows us to reduce costs and provides us with an edge in launching high-quality products. At each stage of the process we apply our demanding quality checks and refuse to accept anything other than perfection.

we believe in processes

We have developed standardized processes that allow us to launch companies quickly and efficiently. Exceptional staff work alongside highly structured methods to create repeatable and scalable businesses. Our organization develops alongside those staff. We share best practices and a framework for launching new models globally, but also encourage a climate of individuality and ownership.